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BrightCovers® is the industry leader in Translucent patio covers & commercial canopies.

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BrightCovers® Patio Covers, Awnings & Commercial Canopies

BrightCovers® create a protective shield from elements yet allow light to enter the covered space. BrightCovers® transform any outdoor area into a comfortable, healthy living area for year-round enjoyment. 

BrightCovers® designs, manufactures and installs the strongest and most weather-resistant light-transmitting Patio Covers on the market. The engineered roof system reduces heat build-up, safeguards against harmful solar radiation and UV rays, and best of all, allows the sun’s natural light to enter.

Whether you are a homeowner searching for a new outdoor structure or shade system for your deck, patio, or outdoor living space, a construction firm seeking a custom commercial sunshade or canopy for your next project, a home remodeler looking for something new, or an architect in need of fresh inspiration, contact us for a free quote to learn how Bright the future can be.


Patio & Deck Covers

BrightCovers® provides an extended living space to your home or business by creating a covered space over your current deck or patio. Homeowners have found by adding an outdoor living area adds usable square footage that also increases the value of their home. Also the benefit of having a BrightCovers® over their patio: it will not darken adjacent rooms like traditional canvas or retractable awnings, as well as prevent their furniture, drapes, hardwood or carpeted floors from bleaching because of the UV inhibitors that is on the Lexan® panels. Our system attaches your wall, fascia, roof or make it freestanding. Plus, you now always have a comfortable outdoor area to grill, entertain, relax and enjoy – no matter the weather.

Create a more comfortable area on your deck so that you can enjoy your hot tub or your outdoor patio space after a long day in comfort. Our deck roof covers can be anchored into your existing deck provided it is properly footed. Our professional installation teams can install in 1-2 days depending on the size. Each deck cover is sloped so that the rain and snow is whisked away either over the edge or into our integrated structural gutter system. BrightCovers® is manufactured from recycled materials of aluminum and Lexan® panels so that is ecological friendly to the environment as well as providing many years of enjoyment with very little maintenance.

Commercial Canopies

BrightCovers® Commercial Canopies, Awnings, and Covers are the perfect addition to a variety of settings and applications.

  • Restaurants & Bars

  • Playgrounds

  • Entranceways

  • Sunshades

  • Walkways

  • Bleacher Covers

  • Stairwell Canopies

  • Commercial Awnings

  • Schools

  • Municipalities

  • Courtyards

  • and much more!

Take a look at how light filters through the permanent system and creates a softly lit, healthy alternative to the traditional commercial awning, sun canopy, or sunshade. If you have ever owned or installed a canvas awning, you know how it turns the covered area (and adjacent living areas) into a cave and makes you think, “It’s clear and sunny outside, why am I sitting in the dark?” With the BrightCovers® system, the sun’s natural light will permeate throughout, providing a healthy, comfortable, and refreshing outdoor living space.

Custom-built for a variety of commercial building applications, the structural metal frame and translucent multi-wall polycarbonate panels provide the next-level of protection without sacrificing the illuminating effects of natural sunlight.

Engineered for wind and snow loads to exceed local building codes, the system reflects heat and reduces solar transmissionblocks harmful UV rays and turns the covered area below into a safe, well-lit, and healthy environment. Built with an aluminum frame (or galvanized steel substructure as required), the system is aesthetically appealing, provides natural light, and will withstand the elements over time.

Each engineered outdoor roof system is custom fabricated to meet exact project specifications; our in-house design specialists and engineers will provide a detailed drawing for approval based the design and load criteria.

Whether you are searching for an entrance and walkway cover, restaurant patio roof, or a commercial storefront canopy, the future is here, and the future is Bright!

Features & Benefits

We believe you and your family deserve the best protection against weather’s harsh elements, without sacrificing the beauty of nature. BrightCovers® Residential Patio Covers are affordable, durable, and engineered permanent structures made of light transmitting panels and a painted aluminum structure. Available in a variety of sizes, you can now cover your patio, deck, or outdoor living area without turning your adjacent kitchen, living room, or dining area into a dark area or fading your furniture, flooring or window treatments.

There are many options available for residential patio and deck covers, however our product is the most reasonably priced, permanent solution of its kind on the market. The combination of natural light and complete protection from the elements (including harmful UV rays) at affordable pricing is unparalleled.

Our in-house Design Consultants, Technical Staff and Installation Teams will help determine the best Patio Cover size, roof panels, and colors for your home, no matter where you live, transforming your outdoor space so you can enjoy the effects of natural light without worrying about harmful UV rays, rain, snow, or hail.

  • Engineered

    Engineered to exceed local building codes and standards, our outdoor solutions withstand wind, snow, and hail, are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty and will not corrode or rust over time.

  • Made in the USA with recyclable materials

    We are proud to support and employ the American workforce and use locally sourced materials in our Cleveland, OH facility.

  • UV Protection

    The Lexan® panels have a UV protective coating to block infrared and ultraviolet radiation, protecting against skin damage, as well as preventing materials such as patio furniture and carpet from fading over time.

  • Energy Efficient

    Since heat is reflected from the system and UV rays are blocked, our outdoor solutions help reduce energy usage and keep adjacent rooms and areas cooler.

  • Professional Installers

    Installed only by factory certified installers, BrightCovers® permanent outdoor roof and patio systems attach directly to your home or business and anchor to an existing deck, concrete footer, or cement slab.

  • Hail & Weather Resistant

    The Lexan® panels are virtually unbreakable and accommodate temperatures from extreme cold to baking hot conditions without breaking or buckling. The panels retain high impact strength performance over a wide temperature range (-40°F to 248°F) and after prolonged outdoor exposure. The 15 Year panel warranty covers loss of strength or impact resistance due to weathering.

  • Easy Clean & Care

    Rain naturally cleans the top of our roof panels. However, should dirt accumulate on the panels, simply wash the sheets with a mild dish soap, lukewarm water, and a clean soft sponge or cloth; rinse well with clean water. Do not use any corrosive materials or cleaning agents.

  • Protected with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Translucent LLC, manufacturer of BrightCovers®, offers a Lifetime Warranty against rust, a 90-Day Warranty against defects in materials and installation if the product is installed by Translucent LLC, and the polycarbonate panels are covered by an additional 15-Year Warranty.

  • Structural

    The BrightCovers® system is comprised of a structural aluminum frame and multi-wall translucent thermal glazing. Our single-slope patio roof cover is made with extremely durable multi-wall sheets that have excellent light transmission, high impact performance, and long-term weather resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my BrightCovers® system rust?

 No. Only heavy-grade structural aluminum is used on a BrightCovers system, along with stainless steel fasteners to prevent any rust, corrosion or otherwise.

How do I clean my BrightCovers® system?

The BrightCovers® system is virtually maintenance-free. A heavy rain will naturally clean the top of the roof panels and system. If debris or markings remain after a heavy rain, the entire system can be cleaned with dish soap, lukewarm water, and a non-abrasive cloth rag. Windex or other chemical based solutions are not recommended as they may damage the panels over time. The aluminum components can be similarly cleaned with dish soap and water; a melamine sponge (household name: “Mr. Clean Magic Eraser”) can be used on any aluminum surface to remove dirt, grime, or otherwise should dish soap and water not suffice.

How much wind can my BrightCovers® system withstand?

The BrightCovers® system is engineered to exceed minimum building code requirements for wind loads based on your location.

How much snow load can my BrightCovers® system withstand?

The BrightCovers system is engineered to exceed minimum building code requirements for snow loads based on your location as per both 2012 and 2015 International Building Code requirements (60+ pounds per square foot live load).

Can I grill under my BrightCovers® system?

Absolutely! The panels can withstand temperatures over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit of direct heat. Should any dirt or soot accumulate, the panels can be cleaned according to our cleaning recommendations.

How can I attach lights / curtains to my BrightCovers®?

We recommend purchasing clips or clampable hooks that can attach to the support beams. We do not recommend drilling into the BrightCovers system, as it may void your warranty. 

I have a unique outdoor space; can you still install?

Our team is experienced and well-versed in custom configurations to match existing conditions or requirements. There are a few things we cannot do however, per our engineering.

What are my color options?

Please review our standard aluminum frame and roof panel color options here: Design Options

Can I have a custom color?

Yes, custom powder coating is available.

Can you build a BrightCovers® system over my existing structure?

Typically, no due to structural integrity and engineering requirements.

Can you send out a kit and I can install myself?

We do not offer Do-It-Yourself kits; all products must be installed by Factory-Certified BrightCovers team members to ensure proper application.

Will heaters or firepits damage my BrightCovers®?

Heaters and Firepits should not damage your BrightCovers® system; we recommend at least 3-4 feet of clearance between the cover and any heat source. If fire or heat does damage your cover it may not be covered under warranty. 

Panel Options

The following roof panels are available for the BrightCovers®
outdoor sun canopy system:

All panels block harmful UV rays, reflect heat, and transmit natural light into your patio, deck, or covered outdoor area.
Depending upon your house’s current aesthetic and configuration, you may choose the opaque white roof panel, or the grey tinted panel for maximum heat protection.

Aluminum Frame Colors

BrightCovers® shade systems are available with the following
aluminum frame colors:

Should the White, Bronze, Desert Sand or Black aluminum color options not align to your aesthetic, custom powder-coated colors are available.

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