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Let BrightCovers® Patio Covers Michigan help you design a covered space for your patio that allows you to enjoy the outdoors even more. Create a covered deck or patio area that doesn’t darken the space or adjacent rooms. BrightCovers® of Michigan Patio Covers look amazing, withstand nature’s elements and are built to last as long as your home.  

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you now have a comfortable area to grill, entertain, relax, and enjoy no matter the weather

Benefits of BrightCovers®

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You and your family deserve the best protection without sacrificing the benefits of safe, filtered sunlight.

BrightCovers® Patio Covers Michigan designs and installs affordable, durable, and engineered structures made of light transmitting panels and a powder-coated aluminum frame. Available in a variety of sizes to maximize your outdoor space, you can now cover your patio, deck, or outdoor living area and enjoy the outdoors even more.

Sit Back and Relax under a new BrightCovers® awning, porch roof or patio/deck cover and feel the difference light can make. Protect yourself and loved ones while still maintaining the beautiful effects of natural sunlight.

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Expand your livable space & Enjoy the outdoors without darkening adjacent rooms.