Patio Roof Systems with BrightCovers® – Unparalleled Natural Beauty

Both modern and beautiful, discover the patio roof systems that add light and beauty to your outdoor spaces.  BrightCovers® provide all the benefits of outdoor living with the ultimate in protection.

Outdoor Patio Area with Stone Post Covers

The Clear Choice

BrightCovers® translucent panels are truly the clear choice. The translucent panels allow natural light to transmit through the roof, illuminating the areas below and adjacent living spaces.  They add a practical, functional touch to any outdoor living space. Unlike other roof systems, our panels let in safe filtered light, block harmful UV rays, and reduce heat and solar transmission.  Furthermore, the structural aluminum frame and panels are engineered to withstand all the wind, rain, hail,and snow, we see in the United States. The Lexan® roof panels have a UV protective coating and cooling properties. Combined with the powder-coated aluminum frame, BrightCovers create a maintenance-free, translucent outdoor structure.

The Perfect Spot for Friends and Family

BrightCovers® provide an extended living space to your home by creating a covered space over your current deck or patio.  Adding an outdoor living area has financial benefits. By adding usable square footage to your home, you increase its value. More importantly, it adds a space for your friends and family to come together.

Whether it’s a quiet cup of coffee in the morning, or a family celebration, your new space offers a place where memories are made. 

With a BrightCovers® system, you now always have a comfortable outdoor area to grill, entertain, relax, and enjoy. Fresh air, natural light,  and UV protection for your loved ones as well as your belongings.

Bi-level deck with black patio cover

Additional Bonus – Don’t Lose the Light Inside Your Home

Another benefit from a BrightCovers® roof is it allows you to keep the light in rooms adjacent to your outdoor covered area. Traditional roof structures like canvas awnings or retractable roofs darken the adjacent rooms, often making them feel like a cave. Your adjacent rooms remain light and bright with our translucent panels.  Furthermore, your interior furniture, drapes, hardwood, or carpeted floors are protected from bleaching because of the UV inhibitors on our Lexan® panels.

Commercial Patio Roof Systems by BrightCovers®

Commercial outdoor spaces in restaurants, bars, offices, and industrial facilities benefit exponentially with the BrightCovers® roofing system.  Customers, as well as employees, enjoy time outside of the building. 

Our BrightCovers® design team will help you determine how to best maximize the space you have available.  In addition to the natural light benefits you get during the day; a professional electrician can install electric lights for nighttime use. In fact, ceiling fans can also be professionally installed. A beautiful outdoor area protected from the elements increases business income and employee morale. Your new outdoor space will quickly become a favorite gathering place.

Backyard Patio Cover in black with translucent patio roof

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The Patio Roof Design Team with BrightCovers®

Contact our team today for your free consultation and quote.  From Michigan to Tennessee, BrightCovers® services the entire surrounding states.  We look forward to working with you and adding function and beauty to your home or business.