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Looking to use your outdoor space more often?

Let BrightCovers® Cleveland revitalize your outdoor space and expand your home with a new patio or deck cover! BrightCovers® designs and custom-builds roof structures that allow you and your family to be protected without darkening or dampening the covered area or adjacent rooms. BrightCovers® Patio Covers Cleveland withstand high winds, heavy snow and are built to last a lifetime.  

Contact Us today to see how a permanent shade structure can transform your backyard.

A state-of-the-art solution to fit your unique home design so you can simply sit back and relax, no matter the weather.

Benefits of BrightCovers®

Product Details

Our Patio & Deck Covers

You and your family deserve the best protection without sacrificing the benefits of safe, filtered sunlight.

BrightCovers® Patio Covers Cleveland designs and installs affordable, durable, and engineered structures made of light transmitting panels and a powder-coated aluminum frame. Available in a variety of sizes fit to maximize your outdoor space, you can now cover your patio, deck, or outdoor living area and enjoy the outdoors even more.


Sit Back and Relax under a new BrightCovers® awning, porch roof or patio/deck cover and feel the difference light can make. Protect yourself and loved ones while still maintaining the beautiful effects of natural sunlight.

  • Typically Installed in A Day or Less
  • Attaches to an Existing Deck, Concrete Pad or Cement Footers
  • Sloped so Rain and Snow are Whisked Away
  • Made from Recycled Materials in the U.S.A.!

Reclaim your outdoor space &
Enjoy the outdoors
without darkening adjacent rooms.