Deck Cover with Woman and Dog
Porch with white patio coverPatio Cover from Bright CoversDeck Cover with Woman and Dog

Patio & Deck Covers

Discover the beauty and versatility of translucent patio deck covers with our photo gallery. Browse through our collection of inspiring designs that we have assembled throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania and find the perfect deck cover for your home. With durability, style and low maintenance, these covers are the ideal solution to enhance your outdoor…

Outdoor Restaurant Patio Cover
Rooftop Deck cover shade or awningCincinnati restaurant with large patio coverOutdoor Restaurant Patio Cover

Commercial Canopies

Commercial patio covers provide restaurants and businesses with an all-weather outdoor seating area for their customers, allowing for year-round use. These covers are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide shade and protection from rain and wind.  Made from durable materials our commercial patio covers are an investment in the comfort and enjoyment of…