Are you in the market for a traditional deck awning, something that will give you a little relief from the elements? Look before you leap. There is another option. BrightCovers offers a modern alternative to traditional awnings with several important advantages.

Natural Illumination and Contemporary Design

Some homeowners choose traditional awnings for their deck or patio to minimize the sun exposure. Unfortunately, there is a drawback. Their outdoor spaces are kept dark, and the adjacent rooms in their homes are also darkened. Alternatively, BrightCovers roof structures also minimize sun exposure.  However, rather than keeping you in the dark, they simply filter the light and protect you from the UV rays.  Your outdoor space remains beautifully illuminated with filtered light, and the adjacent rooms in your home do not lose their natural light. BrightCovers modern design flatters your home.  Our translucent panels block harmful UV rays, reflect heat, and transmit natural light into your covered outdoor area. They provide an outdoor living area that is beautifully lit, and best of all protected from the sun, rain, wind, and snow.

Deck Awnings vs. BrightCovers – Maintenance

Deck awnings can be cumbersome to clean.  Brooms, scrub brushes, and buckets of soapy water.  Mildew can also be a problem with some awnings.On the other hand, BrightCovers are practically maintenance free. Rain naturally
cleans the sheets.  They rarely require attention. However, should dirt accumulate on the panels, simply wash the sheets with a mild soap or detergent and a sponge. Then hose off with clean water.  Easy to care for, and environmentally friendly.

custom patio cover on large two story deck
white aluminum patio cover

BrightCovers Engineering and Installation

Engineered for wind and snow loads that exceed local building codes, our system reflects heat and blocks harmful UV rays. Essentially turning the covered area below into a safe, well-lit, and healthy environment. Built with an aluminum frame and galvanized steel substructure, the BrightCovers system is aesthetically appealing, provides natural light, and withstands the elements. Each roof system is custom fabricated to meet exact project specifications. Our in- house design specialists and engineers will provide a detailed drawing for approval based on design and load criteria.

Let the Sunshine in with BrightCovers – Contact our Team Today

Why choose dark, high-maintenance awnings?  Choose a BrightCovers roof. Our product is the most affordable, permanent solution of its kind on the market.  The combination of natural light, beautiful design, and complete protection from the elements at affordable pricing is unparalleled. Contact our team today. Consultations and estimates are free.  Let BrightCovers help you create the outdoor living area that you dream of.